What kinds of bellow cover are there? 5 steps to selecting the best bellow cover.

The purpose of installing bellows cover, also known as "bellows way covers," is to protect the machine and the equipment, most notably CNC machine tools. Bellows covers on CNC machine tools can protect the slide way and ball screw from oil, water, cutting fluid, and metal shavings getting inside and causing incorrect or inaccurate machining dimensions. We can assist you in selecting different materials and types of bellows covers based on your working conditions.

What are the different types of bellows covers?

With the increasing use of bellows covers, there are several types of bellows covers that can be classified into two categories.

Case 1: The bellows cover material

Metallic bellows guard covers

According to our experience with heavy cutting processes on CNC machines, the cutting fluid and metal cuttings are always splashing around, and the metal cuttings are also hitting strongly around inside the machine by the reinforce cutting force, so we need a strong slide way protection to prevent scratching and hitting damage on the machine slide way. Normally, bellows covers are made of folding high polymer clothes; however, in order to improve protection on heavy cutting occasions, we must always add stainless steel clad on the surrounding area of the bellows covers (basically roof type, flat type, or U-type), which not only improves protection but also has a smaller compress space itself. When designing a new CNC machine, it can increase the working stroke of the machine and provide more design freedom. Furthermore, it is light enough to be easily installed on your machine!

Bellows covers made of high polymer

Aside from heavy cutting on CNC machines, you may also encounter the following occasions: heat-proof, oil-proof, water-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, anti-static, UV-proof, HF-proof, HNO3-proof... For those occasions on CNC machines, we will use high polymer material to make the bellows covers, such as neoprene, lattice leather, PVC, composite material for semi-conductor industries, nylon fibre, TPU, Teflon, heat resistance cloth..., which is not only light enough to be easily installed on your machine, but can also fit your customised requirements through our manual folding process.

Case 2: The bellows cover's shape

Covers for flat-type bellows

Flat type bellows covers can protect a single flat surface, such as the top and verticle direction of a 5-axis CNC machine; they are not only light but also strong enough to protect the machine. It is also commonly used on semi-conductor equipment, in addition to 5-axis CNC machines.

U-shaped bellows covers

U-type bellows covers can protect three flat surfaces at once and are commonly used on the slide way of CNC turning and milling machines, surface grinding machines, linear slides, and so on. Aside from standard U-type bellows covers, we can also make special U-type bellows covers for you.

Covers for enclosed type bellows

Enclosed type bellows covers can protect an enclosed area by preventing oil or dust from entering the inner structure. The enclosed type bellows covers are typically used on lift tables and EDM wire cutting machines, with the advantage of preventing the operator from accidentally entering the siccor structure and causing an industrial accident.

Bellows covers of the round variety

The round type bellows covers are also known as round bellows, and they can protect internal structures. It is widely used in a variety of applications, including lift table ball screws, mould rods, laser beam protection, and so on.

The benefit of installing a round type bellows cover is that it protects the rod or ball screw from damage and can also prevent laser beam energy loss.

Custom-made bellows covers

We are bellows cover manufacturing experience, and we can custom design bellows covers for customers. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

5 Steps for Choosing the Best Bellows Covers

Step 1: Understand the bellows cover's information.

Before you inquire about bellows covers, you should first learn some important information about them, such as the used occasions requirements, such as oil-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, heat-proof, and so on, as well as the dimensions of bellows covers. You can save time by downloading the inquiry form from our website link below. You can also send us an e-mail or fax.

Step 2: Learn about the suppliers of bellows covers.

When looking for a good global supplier of bellows covers, we recommend that you first master some information such as: establish year, certification requirements (such as RoHS, Reach...), and the number of available items. If you require certification, please notify us prior to placing your order.

Step 3: Understand the cost of bellows covers.

You can release the inquiry once you have confirmed the items you require and the suppliers you trust. If you send us an inquiry, we will respond with a quotation within 1-3 days. Please let us know if you have a large quantity order or a small quantity of various items, and we will give you our best price.

Step 4: The bellows covers' customised design

During the customer design inquiry, many people always encounter the small amount, various items problem. Techkome manufacturing factory that can quote based on the needs of the customer, whether it is a sporadic purchase order or an orderly order.

Step 5: Learn how to make high-quality bellows covers.

After the bellows cover manufacturing process is completed, we will conduct an inspection procedure based on the customer's specifications (100% inspection or partial inspection). We can record the quality areas that customers care about (for example, water seal, air seal, oil seal requirement...), as well as improve the bellows covers valley, which is frequently fatigue failure after a 3-5 year life time.


Tech Kome is a leading manufacturer factory in our field, providing millions of sets of bellow cover to the market and establishing over 9,000+ customers. We have enough customized experience to meet the various needs of our customers, and we hope to establish a pleasant and long-term relationship with you in the near future.